Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Like Attracting Like

Every year at TATA Steel Scunthorpe we take on a varying number of Apprentices. During the induction week the unions are given a day with these new recruits to explain the need for them to join the Trade Union movement.
This in the past has been undertaken by a number of us oldies with help from union officials. At the end of the day we have usually beaten them into submission or bored them to the point of distraction that they will sign anything just to get out of the room.
Usually we get a handful of young people who wish to be part of the Apprentice Reps Committee which used to meet every month and give them the opportunity to gain experience in representation and talking to HR.
This year we used a recently qualified Electrician, Charlotte Childs, a young Unite Equality Rep.
The result was that not only did all 60 new recruits join a union but 20 of them volunteered to be Apprentice Reps.
This shows that by using a young energetic Trade Unionist the young people were attracted to Trade Unions and not forced towards them. We should remember this if we ever get into the schools and colleges.
Well done Charlotte!


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