Thursday, 16 December 2010

Workers Uniting Group Disbanded

Below is the official statement from Workers Uniting Group confirming that they have now disbanded and their website will be removed in the next few days.
It would appear that some of them will be looking to join United Left which is a positive step towards uniting the left in our union but we must not lose sight of the fact that this group campaigned for Bayliss in the recent Unite General Secretary Election.
I personally feel that United Left should prioritise working with Simon Dubbins Group Unite Now, a group of people who worked tirelessly for the election of Len McCluskey. This group secured thousands of votes for Len especially in Amicus workplaces.
Hopefully a combined slate can still be achieved in the forthcoming Executive Council elections.

Following consultation with co-ordinators, activists and supporters it has been agreed that the Workers Uniting Group will be wound up at the end of December.

As a progressive left organisation, many of the policies supported by the Workers Uniting Group are the policies of Unite the Union.
It is the considered view that the work of the Workers Uniting Group has now ran its course.
The members have spoken. Len McCluskey was elected by the membership as the new General Secretary by a considerable majority and he deserves and should receive the support of the whole of the union.

Unite faces significant challenges: the fightback against the Con-Dem cuts in the UK and the appalling austerity measures being forced through in Ireland; the need to grow the union through organising and building strong workplace organisation; the need to win back the Labour Party for our members and to win local elections, elections in Scotland and Wales and the General Election and to continue the fight against global capital in the UK and Ireland and with our comrades in Workers Uniting - the USW.

To win for our members, to campaign and fightback there is a need now to unify the entire union behind our newly elected General Secretary, Len McCluskey.
To this end we will need one progressive organisation to ensure that Unite remains a left union and isn't hijacked by those who would seek to take the union to the right or to the extreme left.

A number of comrades have indicated they would intend to support United Left, others have said they will personally support the General Secretary and unite behind him.
It is clear that the problems Unite faces cannot be addressed by having opposing left groups with broadly similar policies.
Therefore all Workers Uniting Supporters need to unite behind our new General Secretary and build unity for the future and in the best interests of the whole of Unite's membership.
The Workers Uniting Group website will closed down in the next few weeks.  


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