Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Goodbye Bayliss

I had heard a few rumours that he was due to go but it seems to be generally accepted that Les Bayliss the candidate who came a sorry third in the Unite GS Election has left the union.
A more detailed post can be read here
Not too sure that it is confirmed that he has gone to the JIB but we will see.
In my opinion his position in the union had become untenable after he publicly criticised the ongoing dispute with BA.
No doubt this news would have been celebrated at Len McCluskey's victory party last night.

A more pressing concern for myself is the Metals inc. Foundry Sector.
One of our EC members found out last week that our National Officer retired on October 31st without telling anyone from the National Industrial Sector Committee.
At the moment we have no dates for future meetings and no indication of any appointment to the vacant position.