Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Report underlines need for government jobs plan – Len McCluskey

Government plans to cut public spending amount to a declaration of war on working people, union leader Len McCluskey warned today (Wednesday) as a report from accountancy firm PwC showed that a million jobs will be lost through the ConDem strategy to be announced next week.

Speaking in Birmingham, Unite assistant general secretary Len McCluskey said: "The coalition government seems determined to pour petrol on our smouldering economy to turn it into a bonfire, destroying the hopes of decent working people who have already made great sacrifices to keep Britain from collapse.
"We have warned for months that the ConDem ‘slash and burn' approach to the economy would lead to massive job losses and threaten recovery. Now PwC - the favourite accountants of British business - are spelling out the devastating consequences of government policy. When will the ConDems start to listen?

"Instead of waiting for next week's plan for further cuts, we want to hear where is the plan for jobs. To build a fairer Britain we will need a robust economy which does not depend on the scheming of financial cowboys. We need to start making things again.

"That is why Unite will lead the campaign to bring investment into our motor industry and the other skilled undertakings on which our nation depended in better times.Other countries tackling the recession recognise the importance of sustaining their car industry and crucial manufacturing with loans, and the ConDems need to meet their obligations to do the same.

"We need an investment bank through which government cash can support manufacturing technology and ideas. And if we are to promote development in our regions, we need to recognise the important work of our regional development agencies in generating sustainable economic growth, rather than axing them in pursuit of Tory dogma."

Len McCluskey is the leading contender for election as general secretary of Unite, Britain's biggest union, and is campaigning for
• a manufacturing degree to put design and production skills in the UK on a par with their global competitors

• reversal of the government's disastrous decision to withdraw a £80m loan to Sheffield Forgemasters

• the maintenance of the Regional Development agencies which have worked to bring inward investment to the heartlands but are now to be swept away by the Coalition


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