Tuesday, 12 October 2010

North Lincs Coalition of Resistance – No to ConDem Cuts!

Below is the open letter sent to Scunthorpoe Telegraph by North Lincolnshire Coalition of Resistance

The ConDem coalition government presents its spending cuts as both justifiable and unavoidable. Prime Minister David Cameron is doing his best to convince us that we should quietly acquiesce to a cuts programme that will affect “our whole way of life.”

We are told that we have to ‘rebalance the economy away from a reliance on government jobs’ and we are ‘too dependent on the public sector for jobs.’ We believe that this is an ideological position with the intention of outsourcing large parts of the public sector as has been shown by the announcement of the wholesale privatisation of Royal Mail.

We are told we are all in this together and should therefore share the burden. But the financial crisis was the fault of the bankers; when in trouble, the banks received generous bailouts to the tune of a staggering £850bn.
We are not ‘too dependent on the public sector for jobs’. These jobs are vital to the functioning of our society. We cannot afford to see them slashed and our public services weakened beyond repair.

We reject the idea that ordinary people must pay for a crisis they didn't create. We reject the current blind acceptance that “we’re all in this together” and that we have to accept changes that will affect “our whole way of life.”
We support the demonstration called by the Scunthorpe anti-cuts group to protest against the cuts on Wed Oct 20th and encourage everyone in North Lincolnshire to attend. Let’s tell the ConDem government that ordinary people and our public services should not have to pay for the bankers’ crisis! (The demonstration will take place at Britannia corner at 5pm on Wednesday October 20th)


Tony Gosling (labour Councillor), Bill Adams (Secretary Yorkshire and Humberside TUC),
Mervyn White (Branch Secretary UNISON North Lincolnshire Local Government Branch),
Scunthorpe No1 Unite Branch, Julia West (Branch Secretary CWU Doncaster & District Amal. Branch), Rich Stephens (Branch Secretary UCU North Lindsey College Branch), Brenda Benstead (Unison representative North Lindsey College) Trev Davey (Branch Secretary GMB North Lincs Council Branch), Steve White (NASUWT Regional Organiser Yorkshire & Humberside), Bill Gray (Scunthorpe Works Craft Convenor Tata Steel), Martin Copson (Unite Senior Steward Tata Steel), Stephen Miller (Unite Shop Steward Tata Steel), Ian Davies (Works Rep BBM Community Union Branch Tata Steel), David Yarnell, Ann Hindley (North Lincs Coalition of Resistance), Dave Gordge (Scunthorpe Right to Work)

All signatories are in a personal capacity.


  1. Cheap political capital from the biggest crisis in a generation. Brothers and sisters unite and let those private sector scumbags (the vast majority of whom don't work in the banking sector) take the hit.

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  2. Ordinary people in the Private Sector are already paying so it's about time the overstaffed cushy pensioned Public Sector took their turn. Get a grip and live with it.

  3. Where have all you revolutionary socialists been hiding? After 13 years of the autocratic, champagne socialists and Tony Bliars and Gordon Clown's boom then bust legacies of financial deregulation, a doomed consumerist driven economy and broken Britain etc. All we need now is for our country and ALL of us to be consigned to total meltdown by a bunch of 'reds'.

  4. I've worked in local authority jobs for the last 17yrs - there is too much wadte and far too mnay people making jobs up as they go along - its time for it to be trimmed down - stop fighting the tide this country needs to stop following the more more more ethos and get back to community living and being satisfied with enough. Far too many local authority managers wandering round in designer clobber and driving flash cars.

    I'm from a steelworkers family and support the working class - just make sure the bosses dont cut the front line and make the cuts nearer the top.

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