Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Effective Opposition is Required

Yesterday the TUC passed a composite motion calling for co-ordinated industrial action to oppose the expected cuts in public services whilst building alliances with communities and charities.
Speaking on the public services motion at TUC conference, Dave Prentis, Unison General Secretary

“Today we face our greatest test for a generation. Our economy still on life support. The blight of unemployment scarring lives, wearing down communities. The Government are hoping no one will notice banks are posting record profits, bankers back to their bonuses. Hoping no one will notice the income, of the top 1 per cent of our society. Now greater than the total pay bill for our NHS, schools, and local government put together"
“Hoping no one will notice the amount we lose every year in tax evasion, and avoidance by big corporations. More than enough to wipe out the deficit at a stroke"
“A society in which some backers of the Tory party, pay less in tax than a cleaner in a hospital"
Congress made a commitment to work with local organisations in opposing cuts that will hit hard upon the most vulnerable in our society yet leave the rich unscathed. Delegates supported the call for strikes to protect the elderly and the poor who will be the ones who are made to pay for the crisis caused by the greed of the bankers.
This flies in the face of the right wing candidate in the Unite GS election who stated in an article in the Murdoch Press on Sunday that strikes would be a return to 80s militant lunacy and that strikes should not be called during Christmas.
This statement follows his recent claim that Steelmaking on Teesside was saved due to negotiation and not reverting to militancy. As can be seen here this is evidently wrong and shows Bayliss is out of touch when it comes to dealing with industrial issues.

Len McCluskey the leading candidate for the unite GS position has a different view on how to deal with the spending cuts. One that recognises the need for fighting back and not rolling over to have our tummies tickled.
Tony Woodley Unite JGS sees the need to get an alternative message across so that a broad based campaign can be launched in every town and city across the UK.
The vulnerable in our society need the support and protection of the whole labour movement with the use of strike action if needed.

Tonight both myself and another Unite rep will be meeting with reps of other unions to discuss ways that we can oppose the cuts in Scunthorpe and we will be taking the message that we will support any legal means necessary to protect those at risk, even during Christmas.


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