Monday, 9 August 2010

This Abuse has to Cease

Whilst trawling the Internet I cam across this article in the Guardian. It details the conditions Domestic Workers are subjected to in the UK.
How these workers have been persuaded to enter the UK with promises of wages they will never see and once they are here they have their passports confiscated and are treated as slaves having to work long hours without holidays.
I was aware that Domestic Workers were exempt from the Health & Safety Act 1974 but did not know that they were not covered by the minimum wage due to the fact that they are allowed to eat with the family they are working for.
On looking further into this I noticed that Unite since 2008 have been  involved  in a campaign to end this abuse. Surely it is time for this campaign to receive more publicity in order to bring the issue to the attention of the public and force the Government into granting full employment rights to these workers and end the exemption from  Health & Safety legislation.
After all these workers make a valuable contribution to the families they work for, allowing them the freedom to go out to work themselves and not worry about Childcare issues.
You can also read the experiences of a domestic worker here and get a first hand account of the conditions they have to suffer.


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