Friday, 27 August 2010

Class War it is Then

Not that we expected anything different but the recent press release from The Institute for Financial Studies clearly states Osborne's Budget is regressive and will hit the poorest in our society the hardest.
The poorest 10% will be out of pocket by up to £422 per household, with the second richest 10% £339 worse off.
Unite assistant general secretary for equalities Diana Holland said: "The IFS has exposed  that Osborne's callous budget not only hits the poorest hardest but it also means that women, minorities and the disabled will be hit hardest too.
"The Con-Dems' vision of a big society is in fact an increasingly unequal society where the poor, women, minorities and the disabled suffer the most."

So those at the bottom of the pile will bear the burden of a financial crisis caused by those at the top.
But if you don't have a pile you can't have a top or a bottom.


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