Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Where Should a PM Spend His Time

So David Cameron has not accepted the invitation to address the TUC in September.
Bob Crow was intent upon organising a walkout leaving the PM with an empty hall to address and quite a number of Unite Branches had sent in motions objecting to this asinine act of class collaboration.

Instead David Big Society Cameron has decided to take his paternity leave during the week of TUC Congress. So where should he spend his time?
At his wife's ancestral home Normanby Hall Estate near Scunthorpe perhaps?
After all it has a hall one could lose oneself in, an estate full of reindeer, a model railway to play with and a golf course.
It would be a fantastic place to begin the life of a child
The problem is he can't the family moved out of the hall in 1963 and it was handed over to Lincolnshire Council in lieu of death duties.
The local Labour Council has over the the years developed the estate into a popular tourist attraction where children can study wildlife, learn about history, the general public can enjoy a round of golf on a public/private golf course and the oiks from the nearby steeltown can even get married there.
So I wonder if he thinks preserving estates like this are a waste of public money or perhaps Big Society Dave thinks it should be run by volunteers.


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