Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Unite Executive Council Nominate Ed Milliband

Unite EC have nominated Ed Milliband as their preferred leader of the Labour Party. They will be recommending the one million members of Unite who are eligible to vote in the leadership election to vote for Ed.
The Joint General Secretaries issued a statement which reads:
"We believe that Ed Miliband is the best candidate to reconnect Labour with the concerns of ordinary working people and to take the fight to the disastrous Con-Dem coalition.”

We can only presume that the decision of the EC, which followed a recommendation from the National Political Committee has been influenced by a presumption that Unite can influence Ed Milliband into campaigning for issues that are at the heart of Unite's policy.
Let's not forget that delegates at Unite's Policy Conference voted for the repeal of Anti-Trade Union Laws as well as the Nationalisation of UK Steel Industry.
How about it Ed?


  1. The only Milliband worth worth any support is unfortunately no longer with us!

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  2. "Let's not forget that delegates at Unite's Policy Conference voted for the repeal of Anti-Trade Union Laws as well as the Nationalisation of UK Steel Industry.
    How about it Ed?"

    About as likely as Blair coming clean on the Iraq War, Brown not crawling to the Bankers, Hewitt resigning from her job Privatising NHS services,Prescott not being a bumbling ninkempoop, Mandelson getting of his knees before the wealthy or the Labour Parties gutless members getting a backbone.

    Where do you get off pedaling this fatuous nonsense.
    Labour responsible for the destruction of a public sector and NHS and your begging Ed to Nationalise whats left of Steel

  3. But I'm not I'm being sarcastic.

  4. All five candidates for the Labour Leadership have now responded positively to the campaign run by Dronfield Blather to issue “Manifestos of Intent”. On Friday Ed Balls was approached at the close of the final hustings which was held at Manchester and he accepted the proposal. This means that all five candidates have now agreed. But there are still problems to be resolved before our wish becomes reality.

    On 16 August balloting commences. So we are keen to gain access to the finalised Manifestos for publication by then. So far we hold some initial material from two of the candidates, although if they wish they still have time to elaborate on what we hold.

    Whenever all five Manifestos are available we will publish them alongside each other. If anyone falls out of the boat we will, however, publish what we then hold on 16 August. We can’t wait any longer than that.

    Candidates are, of course, free to publish their own Manifestos at any time they wish. If they beat us to it, we will nevertheless stick to the above timetable.

    We will also give credit where it is due to three Labour MPs who have to date helped.

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