Saturday, 3 July 2010

Make Domestic Abuse a Workplace Issue

During the recent Unite Policy Conference I had the pleasure of listening to Liz McInnes from Health Sector speak about how she is involved in minimising the effects of domestic abuse on workers.
She is in the process of negotiating a Domestic Abuse Policy in her workplace so that this vile trait can be stopped.
I took the opportunity of asking Liz to send me the proposed agreement and I am now trying to get our National Officer interested in proposing such a policy to Corus management.
This policy will centre around : -
  • Raising awareness and education of workforce
  • Financial support for victims
  • Time off for victims
  • Linking victims to outside agencies that offer support and assistance
This will encourage those in need of support to step forward and eventually help in eliminating violence in the home.
I urge every TU Rep to take steps such as these and raise the matter with your management.


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