Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Adams to Return to OZ

Kirby Adams CEO of TATA Steel Europe, which includes the UK Steel Industry, is returning to Australia in October.
He has been quoted as saying:
"I have spent the past 15 months undertaking a major review of the operations during a time of unprecedented difficulty in the European steel industry.
The results of this review are now being implemented through the 'one company' and 'customer first' initiatives and I am proud we have moved from loss-making to profitability"

During his sojurn the UK Steel Industry saw the mothballing of a major plant at Teesside, a restructuring of staff which led to thousands of redundancies, attacks on the occupational pension and the attempt not to honour the payment quarterly bonuses that are based upon production.
So I have this to say to Australian Trade Unionists:
Good Luck!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Unite and the accountability of MPs

Last week at Policy Conference delegates passed a motion calling for the withdrawal of sponsorship from MPs who did not apply Unite policy.Delegates also passed, despite opposition from the EC, an emergency motion calling for MPs to give sufficient nominations to all candidates in the Labour Party leadership contest.
The motion was primarily intended to gain support for John McDonnell from the left of the party.
It emerged yesterday that he was not going to receive the required 33 nominations so he honourably stood down in favour of Dianne Abbot.
I presume Unite will now be asking for sponsored MPs to explain why they did not do as conference had asked.
Question is how for long can I hold my breath!