Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Teesside: Fresh Hopes Emerge

According to an article in today's Morning Star Thai Steel company SSI visited the Teesside Cast Products Steel Plant last Thursday.
This comes after the three unions involved in the UK Steel Industry, Unite, Community and GMB had been pressing Corus to take an undisclosed buyer for TCP seriously.
The unions are claiming that they have been left in the dark abut wehether a formal bid has been made or not with Community Union leader Mick Leahy quoted as saying

'We want Corus to come clean about what is going on. Thousands of jobs depend upon finding an alternative future for TCP.'

Threats of ballots for industrial action have been flying around like confetti during the last 12 months but now at least a buyer has had the chance to look at the site.
TCP has been mothballed effecting around 1,600 employees, but of course actions like this have a devastating effect upon local communities.
Whilst it is welcome news that interest is still being shown, the real solution should have been given by the Government last Summer when the intention to Mothball TCP was announced by Corus.
Instead of promising money for training the New Labour Government should have renationalised TCP and demonstrated that they intended to support directly the UK manufacturing Industry.