Monday, 3 May 2010

McCluskey Launches Campaign

May Day saw Len McCluskey launch his campaign to be Unite General Secretary.

His main stance is to develop:

  • a union where members are in charge
  • a fighting, tolerant and inclusive union
  • a progressive union
  • a united and organising union
This is a statement from his manifesto which can be found at

'Under my leadership , money,effort and officer/staff time will be focussed consistently on supporting our members at the sharp end. Developing a united, collective organisation and confidence that supports members at the workplace and organising new members will be the foundation for the Unite I want.

Our members want a decentralised, vibrant union at local level, not a bureaucratic centralised union. Officers supporting the membership, not members supporting a top-heavy union structure regardless of whether it delivers. Anyone who believes that a union like Unite can be run from an office in London needs to get out more.

Of course what we do in other areas of work can be vital for our long-term future. So I will work to develop Workers Uniting, the global union we have formed with our colleagues in the USW in North America.

Increasingly, what affects workers somewhere has an impact on workers everywhere.'

Len McCluskey gained the support of activists from United Left at their hustings held in Manchester last year.


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